Research Consulting

Passion. Purpose.


Freelance Research

Passion. Purpose.


“The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present.”

Eckhart Tolle


ThompsonBAYTED is a research & consulting firm providing public and private organizations professional consulting services. Strategic vision and planning is integral to executing services for our clients. We offer multi-lingual services in English, French and Polish and maintain confidentiality and professionalism in each engagement.

Our vision is to align our professional services to promote intergenerational equity. We are passionate about the work we do and our mission is to promote lasting benefits for current and future generations.

ThompsonBAYTED has been a proud member of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce, and governs its professional networks in accordance with Chamber recommendations.


Research & Analysis

Executing quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. Employing high-level evaluative and interpretive skills. Synthesizing material to identify best practices and promoting consistency in operational procedures. Sourcing market intelligence to set priorities and attain client organization benchmarks. 

Project Administration

Delivering project set-up to completion by ensuring all variables are executed in accordance with requirements. Maintaining and integrating project plans and providing team support. Leading consultations, tracking the exchange of information and reporting deliverables. 

Writing & Communication

Preparing documents such as policy and program proposals, organizational reports and memos, briefing notes and position papers. Executing oral and written analyses as well as briefing materials tailored to client organization.

Stakeholder Engagement

Cultivating relationships with key stakeholders. Organizing and facilitating public and private participation processes. Liaising with internal and/or external organizations as required. Overseeing the implementation of contracts as requested.


Founder & Principal Consultant

Caroline’s passion for personal and professional exploration led her to found ThompsonBAYTED, a research consulting firm dedicated to conscious collectivity. With a passion for people, a love for the land and an unquenchable desire for meaningful engagement, she advances professional services that promote lasting benefits to the broader community.

With over seventeen years of combined professional and academic experience, Caroline has collaborated with various professionals, academics and Indigenous Knowledge Keepers. She has harnessed skills ranging from analytical and qualitative research to business management, leadership and digital literacy skills.


Toronto, ON-Sun Peaks, BC-Kamloops, BC-CANADA